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Gargoyle's Dominion

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The item below is intended for readers 18 and over.  Warning some may find the explicit nature of the text offensive.  Read at your own discretion.

Gargoyle's Dominion
copyright 2005
Unedited Excerpt 

Chapter 1

The blonde held back the gag that threatened to rack her body when the smelly green creature finally spilled his seed into her mouth, after what seemed like hours of fallacious.   She looked forward to day when she would to be permanently done with the horny being but that wouldn’t happen until he agreed to the last part of her terms.

“You are great,” his gruff voice croaked out.

“Thanks,” she muttered wiping her mouth with the back of her hand, normally she loved giving head to a man, needed it as a source of sustenance, but this was no man and the slimy fluid he’d ejected in her mouth made her stomach turn. 

He could have at least disguised his grotesque form, she thought.  Taking in his repugnant green wart covered skin.  Most Gremlins preferred taking the more agreeable human persona.  Fer, on the other hand, called himself a traditionalist.

Traditionalist my ass, she couldn’t help but think. He just used that term as an excuse to be utterly disgusting. 

As if to punctuate her thoughts a loud gaseous sound emitted from the portly life walker producing an odor that made her want to hold her breath indefinitely.  He didn’t even have the decency to excuse himself.

“So we have an agreement,” the blonde said, scrambling to her feet to put distance between her and the combined dreadful smells emanating from his direction. 

“Of course.”  His lascivious smile displayed a mouth of yellowed teeth, in the places where teeth remained.

She wanted to beam, but thought better of it, if he knew just how much his favor meant to her there would surely be additional conditions to his laundry list of sexual demands. 

“Good, I will meet you at The Pit tomorrow evening for our scheduled time to give you all the information.”  She was glad that she had the foresight to choose such a public location.  At least then he would be forced to take a more pleasing form, in addition to keeping his beefy hands to himself.

The blonde picked up her clothing ecstatic in the knowledge that her plan had come together so easily, almost as it had over six-hundred years ago with the Fledgling suicides.  She grinned in remembrance, at how easily she had planted the seeds of hatred in the densely human populated Fledgling communities turning a once peaceful co-existence into one of disdain and fear.  She recalled how she “accidentally” met the mate of Krail after the woman’s visits to her families keep.  In actuality she’d watched the fair-haired beauty for many months, loathing her aristocratic appearance, the child like innocence with which she accepted people.  How could Krail truly be in love with such a pathetic creature when he could have had her every night?  True, there was the pesky thing about needing Fledglings to ensure their longevity and to produce heirs, but that was no reason to end a two hundred year relationship. 

“Where do you think you’re going?”  Fer wheezed, bringing her back to the present with a hard jolt.

            “I have things that I must attend to elsewhere,” she said in her normally breezy tone that fooled many about her true nature.

            “Well I think you’d just better clear your calendar because the only plans you have for the next few hours involve me and Goliath here.”  He laughed cupping himself, causing his fleshy naked belly to jiggle in response.

            She almost chuckled at the misnomer, there was nothing Goliath about the shriveled piece of flesh that usually hid in the folds of his skin.  The laugher died within her swiftly when he began to stroke the pathetic pulp. 

            “Come and give Fer some of what you give best my little Succubus.”

*  *  *

She’d bided her time, waiting for the right moment to strike.  Krail had mated with the Fledgling breeding two children from her which left him free of concern over a shortened lifespan.  He didn’t need the woman any longer; she’d told him that pleaded in fact, hating herself for begging him to come back to her.  Would he listen?  She grimaced as she recalled his total rejection.  It was then she realized that the only way to remove the hold the Fledgling woman had over him would be to get rid of her altogether.  She knew Krail’s suspicion would immediately turn to her if his mate met with a mysterious end.  No, she needed to dispose of her in some other fashion. 

She’d secretly attended the annual Mate Choosing ceremonies, an event that was highly awaited and visited by various human communities and Protectors alike.  It was at such ceremonies that of age Fledglings would choose their life mates from the eligible group of Protectors.  No matter the nation, no two ceremonies were held on the same day, allowing Protectors to travel to each event in the hopes of being selected.  Fledglings were said to know their mates by the special mark they bore, some said that when they were in the presence of their intended it would throb fiercely.  Because so many Gargoyles came to the ceremonies Fledglings would take their time kissing each Protector until the right one was found. 

“I do not care how handsome they are, I would not willingly lay with on of those creatures,” a woman next to the Succubus said.

The blonde shrugged, in her cloak.  The peasant woman had no idea what she was missing out on.  Her lost.

“Every year all are in such an excitement over this affair, I do not see why.  The families are selling their own offspring to monsters, to beget more monsters,” the woman continued, an exaggerated shiver running through her body.

She was jealous, the Succubus could tell as much without her empathic abilities.  She gave the woman a brief once over, although pretty enough she would never be the kind to catch a Protectors eye, her waifish features were only accentuated by a dress in desperate need of a seamstress.  Alabaster skin lacked the luster and shine of her own, and that hair, the dull brown reminded her of an alley rat, its limp tangled tresses looked as if they hadn’t seen a brush in the better part of a month.

            “Apparently most do not agree with you.”  The blonde indicated the group of women being escorted into the hall, each dressed in fine silks, to the cheer of many onlookers, the Succubus noted grudgingly.

            “That is where you are wrong my Lady, there are many who do not want to have their daughters given to these… men,” she whispered as an after thought as if remembering the Protectors extraordinary hearing.

            “So you say,” the blonde replied, cognizant of their abilities as well but certain that none of the Gargoyles were bothering to listen to the crowd, not when their potential future mates paraded in front of them in their seductively beautiful outfits.  She would let it go for now, but made a note to watch the direction the woman retreated when the festivities waned, perhaps she could be of service later. 

            From the corner of her eye she spotted Krail and his wife Laurel, they watched with hope filled eyes as their sons stood in line with the other Protectors while the procession of women stopped in front of each.  Most women shyly kissed the Gargoyles on the lips with a gentle peck while a few were bolder in their actions pressing painted lips firmly against the men until they gave in to the open mouthed kiss.

            The blonde wasn’t interested in the antics of Fledglings, couldn’t care less about the stiff cocks that became evident in some of the men, she only had eyes for Krail, remembering how he’d once pressed demanding kisses against her lips.   She liked it rough and boy did he give it to her, often times leaving bruises that took awhile to heal in spite of her advanced cellular regeneration.

            The woman at his side stood on tiptoes while she leaned in to whisper something.  He smiled warmly at his wife placing a gentle kiss on her forehead.

            The Succubus’ blood boiled at the sweet gesture, just another reminder that as long as Laurel lived there would never be a place in Krail’s heart for her.