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Gargoyle's Quest

This is the first book in the Gargoyle series and makes for a very interesting beginning. Fatima is intelligent and brassy with an attitude that readers will love. Lorn is sexy in a dark and dangerous sort of way that will curl readers toes. The intensity of their interactions is so strong readers feel as if they are experiencing it first hand. The story of the gargoyles makes an interesting backdrop. I can't wait to see what Nia Foxx comes up with for the next story in the gargoyle series.

Overall rating:
Sensuality rating: Explicit

Reviewer: Angel Brewer
October 1, 2005


Joyfully Reviewed


Reviewer: Dee Valentine

Ms. Foxx has completely changed my ideas of gargoyles with Gargoyles 1: Gargoyle’s Quest. They are more than the grotesque looking creatures perched on the corners of buildings. In the world of Ms. Foxx’s gargoyles, they are flesh and blood and incredibly sexy and powerful. Lorn is so hot he has Fatima saying one thing, and in the next breath doing something completely different. Lorn keeps Fatima in such a high state of arousal that I thought she would explode. Fatima finds herself completely intoxicated by him despite her promises to keep their relationship completely professional.

As the story continued I started to hope that Fatima is Lorn’s mate as they fit together so well, like two puzzle pieces. Their slowly blooming love amuses me, as Fatima is so stubborn, fighting Lorn every step of the way, and Lorn is alpha male to the core. There is a point in the story when Lorn demands Fatima stay in bed and not get out until he says it’s ok with no questions asked. I had to leave the story alone for a second because it was so darn sexy that steam started coming out of my ears! Secrets, sex, love, oh, and did I say steamy sex so hot it gave me blisters? This story has it all. My only problem is that the second story isn’t out yet! Ms. Foxx please don’t keep me waiting any longer, I need more, more, more!!!

Just Erotic Romance Reviews


Reviewer:  Kay Smith

Rating:  4 Stars

Heat level:  H

Gargoyles Quest is hot!  This gargoyle is definitely not made of stone, although he is hard in certain places.  Fatima is sexy, but innocent, and her obvious confusion over her feelings for Lorn and her budding knowledge of what Lorn is makes her an appealing character.  Lorn's desire for Fatima and his need to help his people make him just as appealing.  Ms. Foxx's premise of the gargoyles and their struggles is very unique and she did a great job of giving just enough information to make me want more.  This is the first book in the Gargoyles series and I look forward to reading more about Lorn and Fatima. 


Fallen Angels Review


Reviewer: Jessica

Rating: 5 Angels

Nia Foxx has written a tremendous story. Lorn and Fatima are both characters of strong will, driven to have what they want, and desperate to prove they are right. Lorn is an alpha male used to having it his way and has met his match with Fatima. Fatima will find herself engrossed in the opportunity that working with Lorn provides her. The instant chemistry between Lorn and Fatima is hot and only gets hotter as the story unfolds. The passion between them is heartfelt and erotic to say the least. Will Lorn have Fatima in all the ways he wants? Can Fatima come to understand what is truly being offered to her?

This story was a pleasure to read. I will definitely plan on reading each and every installment of this series to see how things evolve for Fatima, Lorn, the Gargoyles, and their mates. I would strongly recommend this book to others. Gargoyles 1: Gargoyle’s Quest offers readers erotic passion and humor in a paranormal fantasy world. Readers could only hope that if they had a Gargoyle of their own: it would be Lorn. He left me breathless with his enduring passion and feisty, dominant nature. Nia Foxx has created a wonderfully written first installment for a series; I am sure will only get better along the way. Nia Foxx has done a superb job and earned 5 Angels!



This reviewer enjoyed the interaction between Lorn, Fatima and the supporting cast, whose dialogue, actions and reactions to their situations fit the characters well.  It was a pleasure watching Fatima deal with the sexual tension she created by her attempts to resist the attraction to Lorn.  Lorn is steadfast in both his pursuit of Fatima and his quest to find the lost Fledglings.


GARGOYLE'S QUEST has plenty of sizzling passion and dark mystery without being gloomy.  Ms. Foxx has neatly tied up the story while leaving plenty of curiosity about what will happen in the next book.  GARGOYLE'S QUEST is the beginning of a series that, if anything like this first work, promises to be a mysterious and romantic adventure.


One question for Ms. Foxx – when do we get to read book two?


Belinda S. Mays


The Worth's: Wildest Dreams


Reviewer: Jessica

Rating: 5 Angels

N.K. Foxx has written a wonderful short story. Dumitri and Kyra are both characters with strong will, but find that maybe, just maybe, there is someone out there that is a little more difficult to resist. Dumitri is a vampire used to having what and who he wants, driven by an alpha personality, but he can be a compassionate and tender lover when it comes to Kyra. Kyra finds herself instantly drawn to Dumitri no matter how hard she struggles to ignore it. The chemistry between Dumitri and Kyra is utterly tantalizing and only increases in magnitude along the way. The Worthy: Wildest Dreams was a pleasure to read with its erotic passion and humor. I can only hope that some of Dumitri’s intriguing friends might get a story of their own. What a pleasure it would be to have the opportunity to revisit Dumitri and Kyra. N.K. Foxx has done a tremendous job creating a paranormal story of a vampire and his worthy mate. 5 Angels!



WILDEST DREAMS is an excellent and exciting read, and I finished it in one night.  The story is not very long and pulls you right into the plot.  Kyra is an interesting heroine with her unknown heritage, and Dumitri with his dominating attitude and dark past make the story oh so enjoyable.  The love scenes are passionate and intense, and filled with sensuality.  I highly recommend this book to lovers of the paranormal genre and especially vampire lovers.  N.K. Foxx has done a great job of bringing two very different people together while creating a storyline that readers won’t soon forget.

By Romance Junkies Reviewer: Angel