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The novellas/novels listed on this page vary in subject matter falling in both the category of romance or romantica.  Items that may have SPICY sexual encounters have warnings in their excerpts.

Somethings Gotta Give (formerly "Situations")
I've had my life all mapped out since grade school (well as much as one could at such a young age).  Finish school, become a successful architect, never forget where I came from, marry a wonderful man, buy a house in the suburbs and have 2 kids (never quite understood that 2.5 concept).  You know the American Dream. 

Don't get me wrong I'm a realist, I knew that as a black woman I would have to work harder and longer hours than most if I wanted to advance.  I knew that no matter how much advice I gave my girl Tas she was still gonna do what the hell she wanted to (Lord help me).  I also knew that despite all the negative press there were some good successful brotha's out there just itching for a woman like me.  The only problem was none seemed to scratch in my direction.

Thirty was knocking on my front door and work was going well.  Tas was her same ole thug loving self.  Personally, lets just say a sperm bank was starting to sound pretty damned good.

Then I met Ian.  All the planning in the world didn't prepare me for a man like him.

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Claimed (Sci-fi Romance)

Tranell never wanted to live the dull life of a diplomat; unfortunately, it was the only path her species seemed destined to take.  She longed for the vastness of open space, the thrill of exploration.  So what was the harm in a little galaxy hopping before her Academy training?  A stop at a couple of the lesser planets, would scratch her traveling itch and allow her to be right on time for opening ceremonies.

If only her hovercraft had bothered to follow her game plan.

High Commander, Remare Kalick had little interest in taking a life mate, had never saw the necessity.  When it was time to produce an heir his mistress would be more than willing to accommodate him.  What he hadn’t counted on was a darkly colored alien awakening his dormant emotions, until he could settle for nothing less but to claim her as his own.

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Having Selena

 From the frying pan and into the fire…

For the sake of her family, Selena endured a loveless marriage, to a man who saw her as an object.  Two years ago, a call from her brother freed her from her bonds of matrimony but couldn’t stop the constant harassment of an ex who wanted her back.  Self-preservation forced her to start her life over thousands of miles away.

 She was ready for a man free life, and her chance encounter with Victor Saldano was enough to solidify her resolve.  His domineering attitude and rugged good looks were just the beginning of her worries.

 A force to be reckoned with…

Victor was bowled over after getting his first look at Selena.  His immediate attraction to her re-awakening emotions he’d long feared dead.  He didn’t try questioning the possessiveness he felt towards the trespassing Latina, only knew he would have her for his own.

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