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"Asalaamu Alaikum, Y'All!"

Brother Crowe,The Hillbilly Muslim

Welcome to the Website of Brother Crowe; Muslim, Comedian, Hillbilly. Thats right! I was born and raised in Eastern Kentucky, and I converted to Islam several years ago. I drive a flat-bed truck and listen to the Quran on the stereo, and to me the Sword of Islam was manufactured by Smith&Wesson. I wear bib overalls, and a kufi.And I look like Yasser Arafat and Larry the Cable Guy had a baby, then abandoned it in the Bluegrass state.
So if your intrigued, or just doggone confused, then browse on!
Please note:This site is still very much under construction, so watch for more pages,photos, audio samples and more!

My Gettin to know me List!

Favorite Band or Musician: Country
Favorite TV show: Dukes of Hazzard (required by KY Law)
Favorite movie: Walking Tall (The original, no offense to The Rock- as Wrestling fandom is also required by Ky Law)
Favorite book: The Noble Quran
Favorite food: Anything I can put Franks Hot Sauce on (Except swine)

My Hobbies and other personal doin's

four-wheeling in mud, shooting rats at the dump with a .22 rifle,memorizing the Quran,coonhunting,tailgate diving in creeks,ponds, rivers,and any other body of water that doesnt have chlorine in it.Watching truck/trailer pulls,studying hadith,eating, eating and, oh, yes eating.(Mostly anything I can shoot or slaughter and add hot sauce to)raisin' young'uns(also known as Yard Apes, curtain-climbers, tricycle engines, and rugrats)annoying my wife, spitting, prayinf to Allah (i need it!)and sitting in my lay-Z-Boy until cobbwebs grow on me.

Favorite Links

The Allah Made Me Funny website for the Official Muslim Comedy Tour

Muslim Comedian Azhar Usman

Friend and Comic Mentor Preacher Moss

"American By Birth, Muslim By Choice, Southern By the Grace of Allah!"
The Brother Crowe Creed

All Praise to ALLAH
The Beneficient, The Merciful

"Brother Crowe personifies a certain honesty in his comedy. He forces you to go past the long beard and accent, and understand that his truth is indeed multi-dimensional. Wrapped around this is a bit of history we've really seen on stage...and it tickles your funny bone.”

Preacher Moss, Founder of Allah Made Me Funny, The Official Muslim Comedy Tour


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